You Ask, We Answer*


We've pulled together a library of resources - everything from complex reports, to HubDB tables.

"You Ask, We Answer" is based on real world use cases - it's the resource you've been asking for...

Library Content

How to sync orders between Orderwise (ERP) and HubSpot

How to reconfigure an existing HubSpot portal when the object set up is incorrectly

How to create a custom subscription centre instead of using HubSpot Business Units

What does a communication preference centre within HubSpot look like (example)

HubSpot Prospects Tool

HubSpot CMS Enterprise - Client Portal, Smart Rules and Reporting

How an online auction company segments their data using HubSpot custom objects

How to use a Custom Object in HubSpot to create a Calendar (Freight Logistics Company)

How one Financial Services Company approached storing data in HubSpot

How to use HubSpot for medical company lead generation

*inspired by Marcus Sheridan's book "They Ask, You Answer"